Ra Ra Revolution!



Cor blimey Jiminy Christmas, It’s Russia’s greatest love machine, and he wants a word in your shell-like! Gulp.

“Brand? I have waited for a hundred years in the shadows of the afterlife for this moment. It is time for me to pass on my ancient powers to a son in the living world. One with my charisma, sex appeal and charm. One with the capability to grow a similarly ace beard. BEHOLD!”

Crikey wikey! The mad magic monk has come back from the dead to bestow unto you his ancient magical powers. What a result! 

You use your new-found wizardry to dismantle the old elites and establish a new world order of equality, peace and harmony under the wise guidance of its glorious and most benevolent leader, Rasputin Brand.

Politicians are stripped of power, Big business is destroyed, wealth is redistributed, shagging in the streets is mandatory, and everybody talks like a bell-end.

Your utopia.  




                      Written by James Rose

5 thoughts on “Ra Ra Revolution!

  1. Highly amusing! Thanks for the opportunity to shift my brain & go down this rabbit hole. Even the wrong turns are funny. Made me wish I was better at following. Lol


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