Ritz Pickings

You head for some posh nosh. But you must make sure you’re not a hypocrite that lives a life of decedent luxury at odds with the common folk. So what can you eat? What did you say in your book again?

“Flying beef around the world doesn’t require the contemplation of a sociological or economic genius, we just have to stop doing it”

So, imported food is a no-no. That rules out coffee, tea, steak, bacon, rice, and fruit.

“…the world’s agricultural needs could be met by localised, organic farming…”

What’s local and organic in London? Not the fish. And not the vegetables. Come to think of it, not the eggs either.

That leaves… a delicious glass of Thames tap Water!


Mmm-mmm, how does it taste? Like tepid anti-freeze with a hint of poo? Well, never mind. The important thing is that it’s locally sourced. You’re winning at doing a revolution.

Onto the rest of the day’s engagements. Do you:

Head home to record another episode of the TREWS

Blag your way onto the telly to spread your message of revolution



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