Gulaggy Wulaggy


Whoops. Mr Putin isn’t a man who likes to hear ‘no’ for an answer.  You are convicted of ‘Extreme Cheekiness’ and sent to a forced labour camp in the frozen wastelands of Siberia.

It’s all gone a bit Animal Farm. 




One thought on “Gulaggy Wulaggy

  1. Russell is an inspiration. Im not a fanatic or crazy stalker. But reading all your books, all of your ideas are exactly what I have always felt inside. As a young boy, I subscribed to the individualistic values that were taught to me. It quickly led me down a dark path. Spirituality and TM are the only things that reinforce my hope. As is, this world makes no sense. Sometimes I question if I am the only one that believes in more than the superficial. Being poor sucks.. then I read your book, meditate, and keep on with the revolution.


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