Brain Fry

You decide to prance off for a gut-busting full English breakfast. As you prance, you excitedly tell Noel of your plans for revolution in that inimitable half-estuary, half-Dickensian vernacular.

Unfortunately, passers-by keep shouting out ‘Parklife!’ every time you finish a sentence.


Oh noes! People repeatedly yelling Damon Albarn lyrics has sent Noel into a horrific drugs flashback! 

noelHe thinks he’s back in the trenches during the Blur vs Oasis war of the nineties, hoovering marching powder up his snecker. He’s lost the plot big style.

Noel is taken away to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation. When the news gets out that you’ve landed one of our most beloved musicians in hospital, your popularity will plummet. 

What will you do?

Record a special charity single with all proceeds going to mental health charities.

Chalk this one down to experience. You need to get on with today’s engagements.




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