Attack the Schofe

Phil whimpers feebly as you topple and mount the silver-maned broadcasting leg-end, shouting “I’m Gordon the Gopher!”

Now you have the nation’s attention.

Time to reel off a few home truths about the bankers! Looking straight down the camera, you decry the evils of capitalism.  Crucially, you do it while sat on Phillip Schofield.

He squeals like a Cantonese piglet and the video spreads like wildfire!

Time to build on this win by Heading home to record an episode of The Trews!


One thought on “Attack the Schofe

  1. LOL I am never going to be you, nor do I want to. But playing you was fun, as promised. Thank you.<3 God bless you and your family and all that you do, aren´t you already crucified? Love and hugs.


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