You Are Russell Brand!


You are Russell Brand! Actor, comedian, Dickensian sex-urchin, millionaire, folk hero, ‘funny talker’ and counter-culture thorn in the side of the establishment. 

You’re a right divisive rabble-rousing blighter what has dared to cock a snook at authority and challenge the pre-existing hierarchical paradigm of capitalism, and no mistake! Has there ever been a man of such infamy who had such great facial hair?

Hmm. The way things are going, they’re going to crucify you.

Morning has broken on another day. As you blink yourself awake you encounter a tangle of strange arms and legs. Do you:

Unleash your dinkle for some sexy time. A man can’t start precipitating bottom-to-top societal change until he’s wet his winky in a sordid orgy.

Up and at ’em soldier! No time for frenzied shagging when you’re trying to change the world.

Stay in AND change the world. Record another establishment-shattering episode of The TREWS!


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